Traditional French Bread

Each bread is prepared, hand-kneaded and rise on site under the supervision of the head bakers. The bread is then placed onto linen fabric and baked in a deck oven like long ago.

Start by appreciating its golden color, gently press a slice to your nose to experience its crispy touch, the smoothness and perfume of the bread itself. Only then take a bite, and feel the balanced texture of crunchy crust and soft honeycomb inside. Finally let the hundreds of distinct flavors develop in your mouth.





Bread from around the world

Eric Kayser has travelled the world to explore the infinite versions of breads from place to place : Turkish Ekmek, Japanese Pain de Mie, Austrian Viennois or Italian Ciabatta, all of them find their own interpretation in Eric Kayser's bread basket aside the French tradionnal items.


Pain de mie



Viennoiseries & brioches

Just like our breads, Eric Kayser’s Viennoiseries receive the best treatment from the hands of our artisan “tourrier”. Resulting from a long and delicate process of folding and resting our croissant are made of premium butter, selected wheat flour and natural liquid leaven to create thousands of flaky layers and unique golden look.




Our pastries

Pastries are the second passion of Eric Kayser. Therefore, our teams of passionate pastry chefs devote much care to guarantee taste and freshness through daily preparation and very limited shelf lives.

Combination of various textures that melt in your mouth, top quality ingredients and lots on inventiveness, these are the common elements to all our creations. For the rest, we have our gourmet secrets that everyone strives to discover!

The tarts

The eclairs

The entremets

Our biscuits

Eric Kayser’s signature biscuit is the famous Financier. Made of egg whites, almond powder, vanilla, sugar and premium butter, financier is the French, buttery and light version of spong cakes. Moist and caramelized, our assortments of plain, chocolate & pistacchio finanicers are perfect to offer, to share or the enjoy for oneself !

Cookies, madeleines, sablés, chouquettes, cakes... Every Day in our pastry lab the chef sof Maison Kayser reporduce the biscuits of our childhood.






Pound cake

Snacks & Restaurants

Le restaurant du Boulanger

As we believe bread is the key to a great meal, Eric Kayser created new concepts of Bakery-café and restaurant named The Restaurant du Boulanger: in these venues our chefs extend the scope of traditional bakery by rising Bread as the centerpiece of the menu.

From traditional Jambon-Beurre, to creative seasonal Tartines, Burgers or Fougasses, Bread reveals its full potential in the hands of our kitchen chefs.

Available on site or to take away.




B2B & Catering